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Ramsey Real Estate

Must Have Guide for Ramsey, NJ Before Your Move

Are you looking to move to Ramsey, New Jersey? Have you been wondering if it will be the right move for your family? Keep your worries aside, for we are here to help you out.
In this guide, we talk about all the important aspects associated with living in Ramsey. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here. Let United Luxury Properties help you out with your search and guide you to a town and neighborhood that is exactly to your liking.

Ramsey is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. The population of Ramsey NJ is 14,963. The median age in Ramsey is 46.1 years (46.4 years for women and 45.7 years for men). Explore more about the best schools in Ramsey NJ, neighborhoods in Ramsey NJ, best places to live in Ramsey NJ, and more, from our experts at United Luxury Properties.

Quick Facts About Ramsey, NJ

• Ramsey NJ has numerous well-rated public schools.
• It has many outdoor activities to offer to its residents.
• The town has a diversity grade of B-.
• Ramsey NJ is one of the best suburbs to raise a family in New Jersey.
• It is one of the best suburbs to live in New Jersey.

History of Ramsey, NJ

Ramsey NJ was named after a landowner from the 19th century named Peter J. Ramsey, who passed away somewhere in 1854. It was this landowner who sold the land that later went on to become the Ramsey railroad station in 1848. The Old Stone House is one of the most integral historical sites located in Ramsey NJ. Made out of stone, among the construction materials that were used to build it during the early 1900s also happened to include hog’s hair.

Demographics of Ramsey NJ

Age Distribution

5.1% of the individuals in Ramsey NJ are kids below the age of 5. The youngsters aged between 5 to 17 make up 19.9% of the population. Those falling between the ages of 18 to 24 constitute 5.9% of the population, 6.2% of the people are aged between 25 to 34, and 30.5% of them are between 35 to 54. 15.5% of the individuals of Ramsey NJ are between the ages of 55 to 64 and those aged over 65 make up 16.9% of the population.

Educational Attainment

3.3% of the individuals in Ramsey NJ are currently college. 97.9% of them are high school graduates and 69.1% of them are college graduates.

Diversity in Ramsey

Majority of Ramsey’s population is White, coming up to 85.6%. 7.8% of them are Asians, 5.3% of them are Hispanic or Latino individuals, 0.8% of them belong to other or two or more races, and 0.5% of them are Black or African American people.

Real Estate in Ramsey NJ: What Do the Numbers Say?

The median listing home price in November 2021 in Ramsey NJ was $579.9K. $316 was recorded as the median listing home price per square foot and the median home sold price was recorded as $509K.

Types of Homes

• Single-family homes: 72.1%
• Townhomes: 8.9%
• Small apartment buildings: 6.1%
• Apartment complexes: 12.6%
• Mobile homes: 0.2%

Home Value by Number of Bedrooms

• No bedroom: 0.2%
• One bedroom: 7.5%
• Two bedrooms: 16%
• Three bedrooms: 35.7%
• Four bedrooms: 32.7%
• Five or more bedrooms: 7.8%

Professions of the Residents of Ramsey

The median household income in Ramsey is $147,875 and the national median household income is $62,843. While the per capita income in Ramsey NJ is $70,321, the national per capita income is $34,103. Some of the professions chosen by the residents of Ramsey NJ include:

• Healthcare: 13.1%
• Education: 12.9%
• Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: 12.3%
• Finance: 11.8%
• Retail: 9.5%
• Manufacturing: 6%
• Wholesale: 4.5%
• Information Technology: 4.5%
• Other: 4.4%
• Administration: 4.3%
• Arts: 3.5%
• Accommodation: 2.8%
• Transportation: 2.8%
• Real Estate: 2.7%
• Construction: 2.4%

Cost of Living in Ramsey

The cost of living in Ramsey NJ is 26% higher than the national average and 3% higher than the average in New Jersey. Transportation and health are the two most expensive departments in Ramsey NJ. This is followed by food, which is then followed by housing.

K-12 Schools in Ramsey, NJ

Whether it’s public schools, private schools, or preschools, find out all about the best schools in Ramsey NJ from our experts at United Luxury Properties.

Public Schools

The public schools in Ramsey NJ are:

• John Y Dater Elementary School
• Eric S. Smith Middle School
• Ramsey High School

Private Schools

The private school to look into in Ramsey NJ is Don Bosco Preparatory High School.


The preschools, childcare options, and daycare options in Ramsey NJ are as follows:

• The Learning Experience – Ramsey
• Redeemer Christian Nursery School
• Mrs. Keary’s Little School House
• Prodigy Academie Preschool

Crime Rate in Ramsey, NJ

The crime rate in Ramsey NJ is much lower when compared to the average US city. Having an A+ crime grade and falling in the 97th percentile for safety, there are only 3% of the places in the United States that are safer than Ramsey NJ. In a given year, the crime rate in Ramsey NJ is 8.95 per 1,000 residents.

Commute to and from Ramsey

74.6% of the people in Ramsey NJ drive their own cars. 7.9% of them work from home and 11.1% of them make use of mass transit.

Commuter Trains

Ramsey Main Street Station and Ramsey Route 17 Station are the two NJ Transit stations in Ramsey. The time it takes to travel from Ramsey NJ to Trenton NJ via a commuter train is 2.5 hours.

Nearby Airports

The airports located near Ramsey NJ include:

• Teterboro Airport (29 minutes away)
• Westchester County Airport (39 minutes away)
• LaGuardia Airport (1 hour and 4 minutes)

Community Life in Ramsey

The following are the places that are evident of the community life in Ramsey NJ:

Fox Trail Memory Care Living at Lake StreetFox Trail Memory Care Living is a facility located in Ramsey NJ that provides memory care services. The organization’s aim is to create a warm and safe environment for all their residents where the skilled professionals can look after the individuals dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, or any other diseases related to memory loss. They help the residents maintain a full social life filled with enriching activities.

Visiting Angels Senior CareVisiting Angels Senior Care is a facility that provides senior living services and home assisted living services in Ramsey NJ and also other areas of New Jersey. Personal care, respite care, and companion care are some of the features of this facility to check out, be it for yourself or a loved one.
Being one of the most respected and trusted personal care facilities in all of America, one can safely opt for Visiting Angels to be guaranteed a happy and comfortable ambience. They make at-home care as stress-free as possible. Providing compassionate, experienced, and competent caregivers who work as per the schedule of the patients, they tailor their services as per the needs of the individuals being treated.

Ramsey Senior Care AuthorityRamsey Senior Care Authority is an organization in Ramsey NJ that provides various solutions for the senior residents living in the borough of Ramsey. These solutions include aiding individuals in looking for skilled nurses, memory care services, and assisted living services. Senior care consulting, placement assistance, family coaching, advocacy, and corporate caregiver support are some of the services provided by this organization as well.

Top Attractions to Visit in Ramsey

Finch Park: Looking for a place to take your kids to during the weekend? Visit the Finch Park to let them enjoy a fun afternoon.

Old Stone House: Old Stone House is a museum located in Ramsey, New Jersey. Also known as the Westervelt-Ackerson House, it is a Dutch farmhouse that is regarded as one of the oldest buildings one can find in Ramsey NJ. On 20th July, 1977, the Westervelt-Ackerson House was included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Places to Eat in Ramsey

The restaurants to try out in Ramsey NJ include:

• Giovanna’s Café
• Varka Estiatorio
• La Gondola Pizzeria
• Gao Thai Kitchen
• Kinchley’s Tavern
• Café Panache
• Greek City Restaurant
• Bici
• Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
• The Shannon Rose
• Tawara Japanese Restaurant

Is Ramsey a Good Place to Live In?

With numerous factors amalgamating to lend it a positive response, Ramsey NJ is surely a wonderful place to live in. If a suburban feel is what you’re going for, then Ramsey will be the perfect place for you and your family. The place is extremely safe for every individual deciding to shift for whatever reason there is, and the public schools offer substantial education to ensure that your kids have a bright future. So, if you’re asking yourself the question, “Is Ramsey a good place to live in?”, the answer is a positive yes.

FAQs About Ramsey

Q: Is Ramsey NJ safe?
A: Ramsey NJ is one of the safest places to live in, not just in New Jersey, but in the country as a whole. It has an overall crime grade of A+ and falls in the 97th percentile for safety, therefore, only 3% of the places in the United States are safer than Ramsey NJ.

Q: Is Ramsey a good place to live in?
A: Yes, Ramsey is a wonderful place to live in. The high safety factor, competent public schools, and warm community make Ramsey a good place to live in.

Q: Does Ramsey NJ have a downtown?
A: Yes, Ramsey NJ does have a downtown, and it’s a lovely place to shop, eat at, and hang out.

Q: What county is Ramsey NJ in?
A: Ramsey NJ is in Bergen County.

Q: What is the population of Ramsey NJ?
A: The population of Ramsey NJ is 14,963.

Q: What is the zip code for Ramsey NJ?
A: The zip code for Ramsey NJ is 07446.